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a happy dream.

Track: He Said She Said
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Kingdom Hearts + Tumblr 1/?


Minato & Aigis - Without the Aeon S-Link

"You are very special to me..."


I can’t wait to see what atlus does to you, fluffy megane protagonist (ʘ‿ʘ) 

The World Ends Begins with You




explain yourself nintendo



brawl is probably going to go down as the weirdest smash bros game

like it simultaneously wanted to be casual by making everything slower and floatier and wanted to be hardcore by making everything duller and darker and dingier and adding solid snake. there’s a huge story mode but instead of using nintendo’s (and sonic’s and metal gear’s) many memorable worlds and enemies it included a series of drab, realistic environments and forgettable enemies. it ended with sonic saving all of nintendo’s heroes from their impending deaths. it invented the new version of the kid icarus universe that we know today. it made an nes accessory playable. it for some reason featured a list of every nintendo game ever that you could read through, not that anyone did. jigglypuff’s final smash just makes her slowly inflate. luigi’s final smash cannot be explained with logic, luigi just has this weird aura for no apparent reason. there was a stage builder with only three generic locations. it put silver the hedgehog in green hill zone. otacon and snake had codec calls about every character in the game. it had the great maze. it turned level 1-1 into a post-apocalyptic wasteland and added tripping

mario’s hyper-realistic overalls


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Characters.


hey psa!!

some people don’t physically express emotions very well! 

this means they look serious a lot of the time/don’t smile much!

it does not mean:

  • they don’t like you
  • they aren’t happy
  • they are depressed 
  • something is “wrong” with them

please don’t mock them for it or insist that they “NEED TO SMILE!!!” or assume that they must be mad at you!!

we’re perfectly fine we just don’t look like it!! stop making fun of us!! thank you!!!!!!!


Zodiac Pisces Fact — Pisces are always trying to understand why something happened. Their curiosity in this regard is unlike any other sign.

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Merry Unbirthday, to you all!

Happy Unbirthday dear Tumblr nation